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About The Authors

RS Brown writes about the things people try to appear younger and fitter looking with a dispassionate, critical eye.  Neither ‘anti’ nor ‘pro’ surgery, this blog was started in response to a sea of lurid cosmetic surgery sites, with gushing reviews of some really quite major surgical procedures, without much mention of the risks involved or how to find the better qualified surgeons – who will freely admit that even then, they often do revision work from previous ops. In a crazy consumer world where misleading before and after photos bounce of the pages of many healthcare sites, he chose to put no photos on of  patients – as results completely vary by patient and by surgeon. Instead there are links to professional organisations who can give their information to ‘customers’ at the ‘coal face’ of the industry.  Other contributors who climbed on board this project include those from the London (appearance-obssessed) media scene (under the pseudonom ‘Media Whirl’) and healthcare (under the pseudonom ‘Health Watcher’).  RS Brown lives in London, England with his partner and pets and blogs when he has the time.